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Life, Love, and Death

Please join me as I amble through my garden and ramble on about Life, Love, and Death.

I had a death in the family recently that was rough BUT it was as good as it could have been partially because I made it a point to tell my grandfather that I loved him all the time. He knew how I felt and I knew how he felt. There were no words left unspoken.

I am grateful to have loved my grandfather, and I am grateful that I am not racked with shame or guilt or remorse or regret for not telling him I loved him when he was alive.

I say this in the hopes that it will inspire you to tell someone you love that you love them. Do it for […]

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Renaming Your Inner Dog

Is there a voice in your head that says things you don’t appreciate at inappropriate times? Is there the equivalent of a yippy dog in your head telling you things you dont want to hear so loud or so often? Well check out this video to find out how you can begin to change all that…

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This is one of my favorite parts of my job… reviewing the results I help other people to get! Here are some examples of the work that is getting done here at FOCUS HYPNOSIS. It is my great honor to facilitate such meaningful change.

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The Power of Results

Sometimes in all our lives we get hit with something that makes us just say “Why bother?!”…

And then if we are smart we FOCUS our attention and our intention on our purpose and the PLEASURE it brings us to follow our bliss. And the next thing we know we are back on track.

In this video I will tell you a bit about the thing that made me say ‘why bother” and I will tell you about the results that I helped my clients get this week which lit me up inside and inspired me to stay on track.

(BTW “follow your bliss” is a statement attributed to the late great Joseph Campbell. Please do yourself a favor and watch his The Power of Myth on Netflix.)