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Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful way to make long-lasting changes to yourself on an unconscious level. Because all learning, behavior and change take place on the unconscious level you must work with the unconscious mind if you want to truly get out of your own way and be who you want to be.

Hypnosis is the utilization of the trance state to communicate directly with the unconscious mind. We are always in some form of trance. You are in trance while driving, watching a movie, or even standing in an elevator. And it is in these trance states that we are highly suggestible. The people who make TV are very aware of this. They put you into a trance with their programming and then they program your unconscious with their commercials. This does not mean that hypnosis and the trance state are bad. It simply means that there is a trance state and that you can choose to use hypnosis to de-program and re-program your own mind.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to upgrade your mind’s operating system and clear blocks to your own success.

Hypnosis is a bypassing of the critical factor that allows direct communication with your subconscious. It is essentially the suspension of disbelief to the point where there is no more real/not real, or me/not me. It is a lowering of the distinction between the conscious and unconscious mind through guided visualization and focused imagination. It is in this waking dream where you use selective attention to relieve your tension and then give yourself direct suggestions to create the identity and reality you desire.

Anyone can be hypnotized as long as you can follow directions. You simply listen and make the choice to do what I suggest. The fact is I can’t make you do anything (no one can). Hypnosis consists of you choosing to do what I ask you to do because deep down you know it is good for you, (and also because it feels good too).

When you are in touch with your unconscious mind and when you understand the power of words you can use them to change the way you think about the way you think, in order to change the way you feel about the way you feel. For real.

Hypnosis is happening all the time whether you are aware of it or not. The question is are you intentionally using it to build a better you?